Zac Drayson (Home & Away)

Zac Drayson (Home & Away)

With our newsletter dedicated to fulfilling your 2010 wishes before it comes to an end, HYPOXI has featured a celebrity to give you some inspiration! After several years off screen pursuing other dreams, Zac Drayson is back again with his return to Home and Away last month. The pressure of being on television again motivated him to get back in shape and he turned to HYPOXI to get there fast.

Zac Drayson, who was last seen as a teen on Home and Away in 2002, returns to the scene now as a handsome and grown up Will Smith. As we are all familiar, growing up presents all sorts of changes, body included, so we’ve caught up with Zac to give us the scoop on his HYPOXI experience, and of course… his return to the Bay.

H: How did you find out about Hypoxi?
Z: On the internet. I wanted to find a way to lose weight that wasn’t completely based on diet. I like to have a beer and a pie on occasion.

H: What changes in your body did you notice since undergoing your HYPOXI program?
Z: My beer gut got trimmer! I was surprised at how my skin felt smoother too. Overall, I just felt fitter and more toned.

H: Are you pleased with your results?
Z: Absolutely. I lost around 4 kilos. I’m stoked!

H: Would you be keen to continue your HYPOXI treatments?
Z: For sure! It gets results and I get to watch Bear Grylls!

H: Any insider info at what you’re up to with your acting or career?
Z: I’m writing my first short film as well as acting in one for Trop Fest, along with being on Home and Away. I’m auditioning for whatever I can. I’d like to eventually go abroad and give America or England a shot.

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