Weight Loss Perth

Weight Loss Perth

At O2 Body Health & Fitness Studio

We are committed to transforming both your body and your body image in just a few weeks of therapy at our gym through fast and effective weight loss. Perth’s O2Body has been helping women and men to rid themselves of unwanted weight for more than a decade and we have hundreds of happy clients who have finally achieved the shape they want through long lasting fat loss.

weight loss perth
weight loss perth
weight loss perth
weight loss perth

Are you struggling with weight loss?

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Perth’s climate means less is more when it comes to clothes for much of the year, yet the thought of obtaining that perfect swimsuit body is a distant dream for many of us. Fat cells often cling stubbornly to areas such as our bottom, thighs and stomach, but thanks to our incredible exercise pods we can directly target those zones and help force that fat to shift forever.


Perth based O2Body provides two exercise pods which will focus on burning fat in all your problem areas:

  • Vacuum therapy stimulates problem zones by applying low pressure.
  • Compression therapy involves the application of high pressure to the tissue.
  • Fat burning exercise while in the pod, stimulates the movement of fatty acids and results in fat being metabolised, helping you to achieve fast and effective weight loss.

Exercise Pods - Fast Weight Loss

Perth clients can benefit by using the pods because they apply alternating high and low pressure therapy during fat burning exercise, which forces the blood flow through stubborn fatty areas within the body. As a result, the transportation of fatty acids occurs in those parts of us that no other method could ever target. This is why so many people using the exercise pods talk of the dramatic results, as areas of fat they have held onto for years simply disappear.

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Did You Know?

O2Body’s exercise pods help achieve rapid weight loss through just two to three short sessions per week.

Firmer Skin

O2Body is not just about fat loss. Perth women and men can also enjoy the benefits of improved skin in both appearance and texture. The unique effect of simultaneous vacuum and compression results in skin that is smoother and firmer, with improved elasticity. During the treatment the skin is very gently eased out and then pushed back, thus training it as you would a muscle.


Diet during your treatment

At O2Body we encourage our clients to eat well and abstain from over indulging on food and alcohol during the weeks and months of their therapy. On the days of the treatments themselves, we ask that you follow a low carbohydrate diet to enhance the benefits of the treatment and do not have any alcohol or caffeine after your session.

We ask clients to ensure they have eight hours of sleep, do not exercise on the day of their therapy and keep well hydrated by drinking a minimum of 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day.


Hair Analysis

If you’re feeling overweight, sluggish and not at your best, it can be very debilitating, which is why we take a holistic approach to your health and well-being. We offer hair analysis to all our clients so we can provide a comprehensive profile on your store of vitamins and minerals. It may be necessary to make some fundamental changes to your diet to ensure your body is receiving the nutrition it requires for optimal health.