O2 Body Services

O2Body Hypoxi Studio is open Monday, Wednesday & Friday 5am to 7pm, Saturday by appointment. All sessions are by appointment only, we are a small personalised studio and want to make sure you have the very best environment and that all equipment is available during your time.

The following are our prices for casual and packages.Feel free to talk to us to work out a combination that is right for you.

(duration 30 minutes)
Casual Session $69.00
13 session package $690.00

Fit vibe
(duration 20 minutes)
Casual Session $20.00
12 session package within 1 month $180.00
12 session package within 1 month Hypoxi user $150.00

On-site Gym
(1 hour per session max.)
$20.00 per week for Hypoxi users
Non Hypoxi users cost based upon number of visits per week

Payment Plans
At o2Body we want to work with you to help you achieve your goals and that also includes from a financial perspective. Speak to us about payment plans; these vary depending upon your commitment.