Nicci – Before & After

Nicci – Before & After

I started Hypoxi in November 2013 and to date – May 2014 have lost 17 kgs and 100 centimeters.

Dawn who owns and manages the Hypoxi Studio in Victoria Park is one of dedication, encouragement and direction.

The studio is comfortable and an enjoyable experience.

Dawn helped in my weight loss success through mentoring me and developing the following framework that in collaboration provided me with the successful and healthy weight loss :-

Hypoxi Sessions – Dawn successfully maintained a regular schedule for me where I was visiting the studio 3 days a week for 30 minute controlled sessions, losing up to 1.5kgs per week and incredible loss of centimetres around problem areas in my stomach, thighs and bottom.

Hair Analysis – Dawn encouraged an independent testing of my hair at the bottom of my scalp. This analysis provided me with a comprehensive report detailing the minerals and metals that existed in my system. Post this report I was compounded a daily tablet from a compound chemist that balanced the minerals and metals in my system promoting healthy state of mind and well being and hence contributed to the success of Hypoxi.

Diet – Dawn developed and advised me of healthy eating habits and sustainable healthy eating solutions which I maintain and enjoy with the family that also contributed to my weight loss success.

Exercise – Remarkably with the above exercise regime all I needed to complete was regular fast walking exercise.

I would truly recommend Hypoxi to anyone who is searching for weight loss results and in addition to this would recommend visiting Dawn as a mentor to realise results for themselves. Dawn’s dedication and commitment to her clients and to the Hypoxi studio enhances a personal revitalisation and positive way of life, if someone feels and looks good then the rest all falls into place. I continue my weekly visits to maintain the body that now has been created from Dawn’s advice and direction.

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