Kate Moss

Kate Moss

As far as supermodels go, you can’t get any more iconic than Kate Moss. Whether it’s her chic, pared-back style, or the grungy throwbacks stuck to your wall as a teenager — cigarette hanging from hand included — there’s something about Moss’s allure.

However, we’ve never really considered Moss our health icon, per se — style icon, yes, but she’s perhaps a little more cocktail than kombucha. But with time comes wisdom, and it seems Moss isn’t allowing herself to be left behind on the healthy bandwagon, proving no matter your situation in life, you can make like Kate Moss and get off the couch.

“I do try to eat more healthily than I used to. I think as you get older you have to. When I was young I was so low maintenance I didn’t have to worry,” she told The Guardian in a new interview.

Discussing everything beauty related, from her love of a sheet mask to how she never used to eat salad, Moss tells all — confirming she’s more like us than we’d ever have imagined, and struggles getting to the gym too.

“Food is really important. I try to eat healthily. And I do cook, but not as much as I’d like to because I’m busy, but I cook a good roast. I’ve really noticed an improvement since I’ve been more ‘on it’ with food – like eating salads and all that stuff – I never used to really eat salads. And now I’m like, juicing!” she says.

“I’ve never been a gym bunny or anything like that. I was always, like, ‘ugh’, it made me feel ill, but now I’ve actually started working out, I’m really quite into it. I’m at very early stages, but I’ve joined a gym and all that, and it’s made me feel really good. I worked out for an hour every consecutive day for a couple of weeks and it was enough that I really started to see the benefits, which I’d never really done before.”

As for skincare, Moss is laid-back with the amount of products she commits to — “I couldn’t be bothered with loads of products” — and opts for a serum to inject nutrients into her skin.

“My skincare routine is really simple. I haven’t got the time or the inclination to sit there for ages, putting creams on my face. I need it to be effective and quick. I’ll do a cleanser and a serum and a moisturiser and that’s it. That’s all I need. I’ll sometimes do those gorgeous sheet masks while watching telly.”

When it comes to make-up, Moss confirms something we did know about the model, she’s a huge fan of a smokey eye.

“I like doing my own makeup and playing. I love a dark eye, love makeup generally. I just like dressing up. It’s a passion of mine.”

Finally, model wellness advice we can actually follow? Who would have thought, Kate Moss.


This article was written by Francesca Wallace on the 17th of November 2017, and can be found here.

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