Cellulite Treatment Perth

Cellulite Treatment Perth

At O2 Body Health & Fitness Studio

Perth’s O2Body is here to help all those who struggle with cellulite and who have found conventional approaches are doing little, if anything to help. So many of us have spent hundreds of dollars on treatments, creams and ointments that promise the world, but in reality leave us with the same troubled orange peel-like areas. Cellulite occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissue beneath the skin, producing that unwanted dimpled and lumpy appearance. It can be a difficult and embarrassing condition to live with but we are here to help.

cellulite treatment perth
cellulite treatment perth
cellulite treatment perth
cellulite treatment perth

O2Body’s offers fast and effective cellulite reduction

cellulite treatment perthcellulite treatment perth

Thanks to the magical qualities of our exercise pods, your cellulite really can be a thing of the past. After just a few weeks of highly effective treatment you should experience a huge level of cellulite reduction. Even better, the exercise pod sessions are enjoyable, relaxing and revitalising and you will finish each session feeling refreshed, with an overall improved sense of well-being.


Perth’s Dawn Passante has been helping clients rid themselves of unwanted cellulite for more than a decade. She knows the discomfort and embarrassment, which women especially experience, when struggling with areas of cellulite in areas such as the bottom and thighs. The prospect of putting on a bikini, or even just shorts is daunting, and the presence of cellulite can negatively affect our self-confidence.


Cellulite is more prominent in parts of the body where the circulation of blood is poorer. Typically if you work out vigorously for approximately thirty minutes and touch certain areas of your body, you will find the thighs and bottom are much cooler than the upper torso. The cooler the skin, the poorer the circulation of blood is to that area. Thankfully O2Body’s exercise pods provide effective and long lasting cellulite treatment.

Benefit From Cellulite Reduction

Perth clients are encouraged to undergo two to three therapy sessions per week, in conjunction with a relatively low carbohydrate diet, especially on the actual days of each session. Once in the exercise pod your body will be subjected to alternating low and high pressure. The low pressure will cause the blood to be enriched with nutrients, while simultaneously oxygenating it, and the application of high pressure will force toxins out of the skin tissue. As a result you will enjoy an improved lymphatic system and circulation. After just a few session you can enjoy the benefits of all over cellulite reduction.

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Perth’s Dawn Passante, the Director of O2Body, encourages clients to regularly dry brush and massage all areas where cellulite is present. This helps the process of breaking down the stubborn fat cells and improve the appearance and feel of the skin. In addition, there are certain foods which should be avoided when tackling the breakdown of cellulite. High sodium foods, such as those that are highly processed, may cause water retention and extra water weight can make cellulite more visible. Bacon, many soda drinks and refined packaged foods are all culprits and best avoided.

“We urge clients to opt for wholefoods and adopt a low carbohydrate diet, which is proven to be highly effective in preventing fluid retention,” she says.

Cellulite may be a dirty word we all want to avoid but O2 Body’s exercise pods really can work miracles and help make it disappear forever.