I am Brendan, I am 41 years old. And at the end of 2017 I was in a crisis AGAIN with my weight. I am a person that been up and down with my weight all my life, I have been in great shape and I have been the opposite. At that time I saw myself in some photos from my brother’s wedding. And guys being guys when we look in the mirror we only see chest and abs no matter how fat we are. That summer I was rolling out of bed onto sore feet AGAIN and that was a trigger.

I looked online for a solution and I saw some materials on Hypoxi. I heard of it years ago when a girlfriend looked into it, and I never I gave it a second thought again. I enquired and checked out a couple of places that charged extreme amounts of money and very commercial. I was not comfortable. Then I met Dawn.

She is a caring lady who is very personalised in her services for each client. She charged what I thought was more than reasonable and I committed to 6 weeks of doing Hypoxi in her clinic.

Not only did I get direct results of losing more than 15 kilograms and getting my six pack back. But the advice and conversations triggered me to be healthy and maintain a sustainable lifestyle and seek more ways of staying active and healthy. It had been 13 months since and I have kept the body fat weight off and through the initial momentum built inches of muscle all over and am still strong on my journey of maintaining a great physique and lifestyle.

Thank you Dawn, you are a hero.

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