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The X Factor Judges

It’s hard being an X Factor judge, ya know! They’re always rushing around; being important and, erm, well, you know – the usual celebrity stuff. So how do they all look so good all the time – surely they don’t have time to hit the gym or pump iron in their garages? Well, apparently the secret to Mel B, Cheryl Cole (Fernandez-Versini) and, erm Simon Cowell’s toned appearances is something called Hypoxi, which is a body shaping method that uses high and low pressure to improve blood flow, helping to firm the skin and tone muscles. It’s basically like [...]


Kate Moss

As far as supermodels go, you can’t get any more iconic than Kate Moss. Whether it’s her chic, pared-back style, or the grungy throwbacks stuck to your wall as a teenager — cigarette hanging from hand included — there’s something about Moss’s allure. However, we’ve never really considered Moss our health icon, per se — style icon, yes, but she’s perhaps a little more cocktail than kombucha. But with time comes wisdom, and it seems Moss isn’t allowing herself to be left behind on the healthy bandwagon, proving no matter your situation in life, you can make like Kate Moss and get [...]



I am Brendan, I am 41 years old. And at the end of 2017 I was in a crisis AGAIN with my weight. I am a person that been up and down with my weight all my life, I have been in great shape and I have been the opposite. At that time I saw myself in some photos from my brother’s wedding. And guys being guys when we look in the mirror we only see chest and abs no matter how fat we are. That summer I was rolling out of bed onto sore feet AGAIN and that [...]

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Jacqueline Wright

I first started Hypoxi 7 years ago, after reading about it in a Vogue Magazine. I find it’s a gentle, low impact exercise, that is done in 30 minute sessions and targets the hips, bottom, stomach and thighs. Done in conjunction with a healthy diet, I find the results very pleasing and would highly recommend it. This is why after 7 years I still continue to do my Hypoxi sessions.