Australian Actor – Charlotte Gregg

Australian Actor – Charlotte Gregg

One of our most recent converts to HYPOXI is Charlotte Gregg, a talented Sydneysider making it big in the acting world. Charlotte has appeared in Underbelly (Season One), Home and Away, All Saints, Rush and Packed to the Rafters, as well as a lead role in the BBC drama Out of the Blue, which was aired in 54 countries! Amongst radio commitments and TropFest films, still to come out is the horror film ‘Punishment’ and another series for the ABC.

Charlotte has had trouble exercising in the past couple of years due to severe prolapsed discs in her lower back. HYPOXI was the perfect answer for her, as it is extremely gentle and the increased blood flow and circulation has actually improved her condition.

“I have tried everything on the market but never found anything that was safe and easy on my back other than pilates. However, nothing had the fat burning results I experienced with HYPOXI! I was able to exercise safely and was well guided by the fabulous team of girls at the Surry hills studio. I haven’t been able to budge the weight since my injury until I discovered HYPOXI, and have now gained more strength around my back. I have lost many centimetres off my stomach, bottom and thighs and I’m so pleased with the added bonus of reduced cellulite and firmer skin tone.

HYPOXI has been the answer to my ongoing dilemmas, and I would recommend this programme to anyone looking to achieve quick results with little effort and particularly to those with back problems that are looking for a solution to exercise in a pain free and monitored safe way.”

With only two sessions to go, Charlotte is over the moon with her results so far – in a recent wardrobe fitting she found the clothes from three weeks earlier were now too loose!

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