My name is Ashlee and I have just recently completed two months (8 weeks) of Hypoxi at O2 Body.

I First heard about Hypoxi on the radio and was looking for something to kick start my fitness again as I had hit a training lul. I was quite skeptical about Hypoxi as I had never heard of it or knew anyone who had done it, and to add to it my partner has a degree in exercise sports science and he was skeptical and didn’t believe it would deliver what it promised.

I decided what the hell I will try it and if it doesn’t work then at least I gave it a shot. I walked into O2 Body weighing 71kgs and met Dawn the owner and my Hypoxi trainer to be. Dawn told me all about Hypoxi and gave me honest advice on what to do to make it work and what not to do.

“After my first month I had lost 4 kilos and 22cms. I was happy with this and decided I would go for another month to see if I could get better results. After my final measurements were taken I had lost a total of 7 kilos and 44cms around my tummy, butt, and thighs. My fitness has also increased.


I was so happy that it worked especially as i could rub it in to my partener who didn’t believe it would! I did Hypoxi three days a week and on my other days I did martial arts. I changed the way I was eating and be came more aware of the hidden nasties that are in pre packed and fast food that doesn’t aid in weight loss. I do like to drink but i changed from drinking Wine and Beer to having Vodka with fresh lime and mineral water I found it more refreshing and that I actaully drank it slower than I would with Wine.

I will be heading back to O2 Body in January to do some maitenance sessions after the silly season is over! Hypoxi DID work for me and I am so happy to be able to fit into my clothes again!

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