For optimal results, Hypoxi training should be undertaken 2 to 3 times per week for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Thereafter, you might talk to your consultant about undertaking a maintenance program. Training sessions take approximately 30 minutes based on the individual assessment you are given by your Hypoxi operator.


L250 training should be undertaken in loose fitting gym pants, a t-shirt and joggers. Bring a gym towel with you also.


S120 training should be carried out wearing loose fitting gym pants, a t-shirt and joggers. Bring a gym towel with you also.

Initially, you will need to book into your closest studio for a consultation in order for a therapist to assess your requirements and objectives. This session is also an opportunity to learn more about this unique system and go through the training schedule. Call 1300-HYPOXI or use the studio locator to find your nearest HYPOXI location.

No, Hypoxi Therapy is suitable for men and women.
In your studio a special individual training program will be worked out, available for men and women.

30 Min. Hypoxi Training with Trainer L 250 or Trainer S120

Hypoxi Training: 
comfortable track suit bottoms, a T-shirt with sleeves, socks and trainers

On the Hypoxi-Training-Days:
Remember sufficient liquid intake (about 2-3 litres of water or tea, with 0 calories, i.e. Herbal Tea)

Before Hypoxi-Training:
About 1 – 4 hours before the training, meals based on carbohydrates (preferably wholegrain products)

After Hypoxi-Training:
Do not have carbohydrates for the next 8 hours. Meals based on proteins only should be eaten, combined with vegetables and salad.

On non Hypoxi Training-Days:
avoid sugar, alcohol, and avoid foods that are high in fat.
Only eat foods that have high quality nutrients. Drink 2-3 litres of water or drink with 0 calories (i.e. Herbal Tea…)

On the Hypoxi Training Day:
No sports activities should be taken on the same day as Hypoxi, particularly sports after Hypoxi, as it will shorten the after effect of Hypoxi. If you need take other sport activities on the same day as Hypoxi it should be taken at least 4 hours before Hypoxi Training and should be moderate and not intense sport.

The days between Hypoxi Training:
Cardio, weight training and all sports are allowed.

Cellulite thighs get colder during classical training, your blood supply and metabolism is increasing during the Hypoxi Training, which results in Cellulite thighs getting warmer.

With the Hypoxi training devices you concentrate the fat-loss at your problem areas. Each kilogram of bodyweight you lose means 1 cm of circumference loss per thigh if that is your problem area. Depending on your personal predisposition that loss is almost 3 times more than without Hypoxi Training. Similar results will be achieved on your stomach, if that is your problem area. In 5 – 6 weeks it should be one size clear loss.

The whole period of the Hypoxi Therapy is depending on the initial situation and your personal purpose. Most of our customers will reach their purpose during 1 – 3 months.

Yes, Hypoxi Training relieves the veinous system of the legs. The combination of light changes of pressure and simultaneous muscular movement helps the veins and also the lymphatic system.

With various veins try to avoid:
– treatments with heat
– to stand a long time without movement
– to sit with crossed legs

For persons with serious illnesses of the:
– Heart or circulation system
– the blood vessels
– the metabolism
– the bones and muscles

Precondition – if mild bike training is allowed by Doctor!

Not allowed is Hypoxi Training with:
– Pregnant woman
– Inflammations and infections
– any Pain

After 6 weeks (normal birth) , if your gynaecologist allows mild bike training After a Caesarean you should wait 2 months and then only if your gynaecologist allows mild bike training you can start.

Hypoxi Training with the Trainer L250 or S120 is possible, but it is important that the temperature of your legs increase.

Hypoxi Dermology treatments and Vacunaut are NOT possible whilst breast feeding.