About Us

O2 BODY is a new health and body fitness studio, located in East Victoria Park, Perth, whose ethos is to take a natural and holistic approach to fat reduction as we recognise that overall health is essential for sustainable weight loss and a healthy body. But seeing is believing, and owner Dawn Passante is living proof that the Hypoxi system actually works, shedding more than 10 kilos and 50cm off her entire body in just a matter of months! But for those who are looking at starting a fitness program, then Hypoxi is for you. Hypoxi will not only get you motivated and make you feel more positive about yourself, but it is also a proven cellulite reduction.

Hypoxi taps into the body’s blood circulation like no other exercise, and helps the metabolism of fat in the stomach, hip and thigh areas in both women and men. Using Hypoxi with other exercise is a bonus as a few of our clients found out, some of whom compete in triathlons (As you will read in our testimonials).