Hands up those who suffer from stubborn fat deposits or cellulite?

Don’t feel alone! Australian studies suggest that up to 80% of women and 45% of men are dissatisfied with their body. In many instances, this frustration stems from an inability to lose weight in certain areas despite a healthy diet and vigorous exercise regime.

Localised fat deposits and cellulite are the result of our genetic predisposition to store fat in certain areas of the body. Most of us have an unevenly distributed circulatory system – which means that blood flows more readily in certain parts of the body than in others. This phenomenon is known as “fat patterning”.

Blood is the vehicle for transporting oxygen, nutrients and fatty acids throughout the body. Therefore, blood plays a crucial role in burning fat. If blood supply to a part of your body is limited, then it is harder for your muscles to source free fatty acids from this area to use as energy. Put simply, fat burns more readily in the parts of the body that have strong blood circulation than in those with poor blood supply. This fact explains why many of us find it difficult to eliminate fat and cellulite from certain areas of our body despite a dietary regimen and high level of physical activity.


So why does HYPOXI work?

Hypoxi’s founder, Dr Norbert Egger, recognised that if he could stimulate blood flow to a specific region of the body, he could accelerate the rate at which fatty acids were metabolized in that region. He also acknowledged that physical activity is critical to burning fat. Dr Egger and his team of physicians therefore set about to create a device which coupled exercise with a therapy which could increase blood flow to certain parts of the body.

HYPOXI is revolutionary because it is the first scientifically developed treatment proven to manipulate the body’s own circulatory patterns to accelerate fat loss in targeted areas of the body. In fact, independent studies have shown that HYPOXI clients lose up to 3 times greater circumference in the targeted area than that achieved with conventional exercise.

The team at HYPOXI have gone to great lengths to scientifically demonstrate the effects of HYPOXI on the body. Following a controlled study involving 530 women, HYPOXI has been shown to have a range of benefits, including:

  • targeted fat loss in the stomach, hip, buttock and thigh regions, up to 3 times greater than that achieved with conventional exercise;
  • marked improvement in skin tone and texture;
  • increased fat metabolism;
  • improved circulation;
  • lymph drainage;
  • cellulite reduction; and
  • a feeling of rejuvenation.



HYPOXI is perfect for men and women who are mostly healthy but looking for a tune up through targeted weight loss, fast.

See results after 2-4 weeks
Target your problem areas
30 min sessions


HYPOXI is perfect for men and women wanting to reclaim their shape after significant life changes. It’s excellent for new Mum’s wanting to get back into shape after children.

Low Impact exercise
Scientifically proven results
30 min sessions


HYPOXI targets the stubborn fat stores around the stomach, hips, bottom and thighs that traditional exercise just won’t move easily.

Low Impact exercise
Scientifically proven results
30 min sessions


Spot reduction is possible with the HYPOXI – Method. By combining healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle HYPOXI will supercharge your workout to achieve targeted fat burning.

Targeted fat loss
Aids muscle recovery
30 min sessions