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O2Body is a Vic Park Gym designed to help you lose weight in those stubborn areas traditional exercise often fail to target. Living with a body shape you are not completely happy with can be disheartening, especially when you feel you are doing everything right; eating natural, wholesome foods, cutting calories and sticking to a rigorous exercise regime.

This is where O2Body’s revolutionary exercise pods can come to the rescue and work their magic, by helping you to achieve a beautiful body and amazing skin tone, simply through two to three thirty minute, relaxing and invigorating sessions per week.

O2Body is a Vic Park Gym with a huge difference which can generate staggering results which months of strict dieting and regular exercise have failed to achieve. Our exercise pods have been tried and tested by thousands of women and men, repeatedly proving to have powerful slimming, toning and skin improvement properties.

Put simply, O2Body allows you to achieve the shape and toned skin you have always dreamt of.

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Sharpen Memory

Enhance Circulation

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Cellulite Vanishes

Cellulite, with its orange peel like texture and appearance, is harmless but unsightly and can really impact on your self-esteem. Cellulite’s reluctance to shift, despite a multitude of treatments, diets and exercise, can be enormously frustrating.

At O2Body there really is light at the end of the tunnel, as our exercise pods are incredibly potent machines that literally break down the stubborn fat deposits that cause cellulite. Our many testimonials from satisfied clients who have watched their cellulite melt away during just a few weeks of regular sessions, are strong evidence that our exercise pods do deliver all that they promise, and more.

o2 body
o2 body

The Science

The main problem with fat cells is that they are difficult to budge in areas where circulation is poor and this is why no amount of food deprivation and workouts will make them go away. Thankfully O2Body’s exercise pods are extremely effective at stimulating the circulation of blood in all of our body’s problem areas, through vacuum and compression therapy, combined with fat burning exercise.

Dawn Passante, the founder of the Vic Park Gym O2Body, has dedicated more than forty years to fitness and health and when she discovered the wonders of the exercise pods a decade ago, felt compelled to share her discovery with others. She is now dedicated to helping people reap the benefits of them and enjoys forming a close bond with all her clients as she helps them on a path to a new, improved body shape and skin tone, alongside a host of other benefits, including a better immune system and faster metabolism.

“I have witnessed so many of my clients’ confidence soar from their weight and cellulite loss, firmer skin and improved sense of well-being and get great satisfaction from seeing them both look and feel so much better,” she says.

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Increased Fertility

Another benefit of the treatments appears to be increased fertility and at O2Body we have witnessed a series of women who have struggled to become pregnant conceive. While we cannot scientifically explain why this occurs, it is thought the greatly improved blood flow may be responsible. Dawn Passante has had four of her clients who are battling with fertility issues conceived during treatments.


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